AirTite Coin Holders Protect Your Valuable Coins

Glass Top Wooden Coin Box - Airtite Wooden Coin Box for 1 Air-Tite 1996 American Silver Eagle ~ BU ~ Includes Airtite Holder & Presentation BoxBlue Velvet Box for 1 Air-Tite

Airtite coin holders – Coin collecting can be a serious endeavor and many so called numismatists are ready to spend a lot of effort and money just to ensure the pristine condition of their collection. That is why there are quite a number of enterprises dedicated to the manufacture of storage collecting supplies such as coin storage boxes, albums, cleaners, tongs and coin protectors. There are many holders available for the serious numismatists and each one has its own unique features. But all of them have a common primary purpose of protecting the coins from the elements, scratches and other factors that would further deteriorate its condition which could lead to the depreciation of their value. This is especially true in cases of very old currency.

Among the various special available in the market today, the airtite coin holders stand out in providing superior protection for their collection. They are very much valued and sought after by the casual collectors and serious numismatists alike due to their airtight protection, as the name suggests, and for the availability of sizes and ability to fit in odd-sized coins. This is possible by producing holders which can accommodate different coin sizes with the introduction of a ring system developed to fit into six standard size holders. In addition, the air tite holders come in sizes by the millimeter, virtually accommodating any size on coin, medals or tokens. This innovative feature clearly sets apart the air-tite coin holders from other coin holders but there are other features that should be taken in consideration like the kind of plastic used which should be PVC- free. Take a Close Look:

Air-tite coin holders are manufactured though an injection-molding process with the use of virgin acrylic plastics. To help maintain the clarity of the air tite holders even at an advanced age, a non-yellowing agent is added during the plastic manufacturing process. The ring material is made of cross-linked polyethylene, a kind of plastic material. The plastic materials used for the holders and rings nonetheless are totally inert and are PVC –free. PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride is a chemical that produces an adverse reaction with metals which causes the characteristic stubborn greenish stains in coins which greatly contributes to the deterioration of the coin’s market value. Unfortunately, PVC is found in many different types of plastic coin protectors and supplies available in the market today that is why PVC coin damage is a fairly common nuisance among coin collectors worldwide.

As meticulously processed as they are, air tie holders are very much susceptible to contamination due to careless handling by distributors. You surely don’t want to end up having a freshly shipped-in airtite coin holders having scratch marks, finger smudges, collected dusts or moisture which can end up on the surfaces of your precious coins. Buy only from distributors that sell the product from the original blister packaging and not from coin supply stores that offer the products at a discount price but are just loosely packaged in a bag, obviously re-packed from bulk product.