25 Air-Tite “I” Black Ring Holders of the Currency to the Currencies of 38 Mm

  • The Air-Tite holders with modern black rings dollars from 1840 to 1978 large (38 mm)
  • The outer diameter of the “I” is the owner of 2,031 “(51.58mm)
  • Each rack is 25″ I “and holders of black rings, separately packaged without any additional packing

Air Tite holders are made of acrylic plastic with a non-yellowing agent to ensure the crystal clear display your coins for any length of time. The rings are made of an inert crosslinked polyethylene, which ensures the coin support and blocks air pollution. Black or white ring around the coin gives the appearance of the carpet, similar to the definition in the photographs and artwork. All materials used in the production of the holders and the rings are completely inert and free of PVC.

25 Air-Tite “I” Black Ring Coin Holders for 38mm Coins

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